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We provide holistic, innovative and integrated service to all our users. The following services are available to Amis Consulting users:

  1. Information Advice and Guidance (Training Needs Analysis, Initial Assessment, Course Information and Induction)
  2. Training and one to one advice throughout the course
  3. Employment support (including mock interviews and job search workshops)
  4. Work placement /Work experience/Work Trial/Voluntary Work opportunities
  5. After-care employment support

Whether your staff needs computer training, business management skills, or customised training solutions, Amis Consulting can provide a total solution for your organisation's skills building and training needs.

Amis Consulting works with individuals and organisations not only to ensure the success of your training and skills building sessions, but also to make certain that the quality and value of the service is realised as your staff utilizes their newly honed skills.

Traditional Classroom Training
Amis Consulting comprehensive training solutions provide instructor-led training for technical topics, business development skills, and popular desktop applications.  Our specialised business skills and vocational courses can be customised for individual and organisation's specific needs.  Training classes can be held at our facility. 

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